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Four years in the making
03/10/2011, 9:38 pm
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Mark and I are currently in the final planning stages of what may or may not end up being a rather epic adventure. I don’t even know how the seed of this idea got planted in our heads, which seems unusual given the loftiness of this dream. For example, I remember passing my best friend Liz in a stairwell during our first year away at university. We were both having terrible days, and one of us — I believe it was her — suggested, “Let’s just take a year off from school and go traveling”, and then we did exactly that. We moved back to Calgary for 10 insufferably long months, worked to save up money, and then spent almost six months backpacking through Europe (this is as original a decision as deciding to cover Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, I know) before flying down to India. Looking back, it seems like we were just babies when we left. We were 20 and felt completely invincible, which explains a lot of the incredibly idiotic things we did, which may or may not include getting into a complete stranger’s car in Turkey while being groped in the  back seat by our waiter from earlier in the evening. Stupid, stupid, stupid. On the other hand, we made some smart decisions, too. Exhibit A: Finishing an extremely large, ridiculously creamy wedge of Cambozola while sitting by the Grand Canal in Venice, then looking at each other, nodding, and immediately re-entering the grocery store to buy another slab of cheese. Neither of us mess around when it comes to serious business like cheese.

My point is, this is something Mark and I have been talking about for almost four years now, since shortly after we started dating. The itinerary has changed a lot, and is continually evolving, but so far is as follows:

  1. Pack up and rent out house, buy and camperize minivan, then begin 4-5 month road trip around North America. Eat a lot of pie.
  2. Return home for a couple of weeks, crash with my lovely mother-in-law, reorganize and repack, and take cheapest available flight over to Europe.
  3. Travel through the colder European countries while we still have our winter clothes — France, England, Scotland, Switzerland, etc. Drink a lot of beer.
  4. Make our way east as the weather gets warmer, heading towards Turkey, and possibly including North Africa (if politics allow for it). I would also love to go to Ethiopia, since that’s where my dad grew up, but we might have to save that for another trip with that side of the family.
  5. At some point fly to India for a few months with my grandmother. Do some traveling in the south. Eat a lot of dosa.
  6. Also at some point spend six months or a year teaching ESL, possibly in Hong Kong. It would probably be good to get some use out of that TESL certificate.
  7. Possibly jaunt down to New Zealand so that we can rent a car and drive around, camping and hiking. Eat a lot of lamb.
  8. Try not to kill each other due to the fact that we will be together pretty much 24/7 for up to two years.
  9. Come home and eat a lot of salads.

Writing this out, I can see that it looks completely batshit crazy, but that’s just because it is! It makes little to no sense. It’ll be expensive, incredibly frustrating at times, and I’m sure that very often we will wonder what the hell we were thinking.

I wish we could leave tomorrow.


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I feel that serendipity is forcing me to leave this comment. Oh man. I don’t even know where to start other than I am SO flipping delighted for you guys after reading your blog and totally kicking myself in the rear. Long story short I have referred to my adoration for traveling as my ‘wandering homebody’ ways. Never had I heard the term before and haven’t since then.. well until today. I am planning an epic road trip for later this year and plan on traveling for the next year or two so I finally decided today to get the domain ‘’ or something to that gist to allow my friends and family to follow me separate from my (photography) business blog. Literally two clicks away from purchasing I thought I should google JUST to make sure there wasn’t something similar. Up pops your blog. It’s a good thing you two sound like a rocking couple and feel the same way about Calgary (my city) as me or else I may have just had to purchase the domain and claimed ignorance. 😉

But alas I can’t do that. I am 100% jealous of your future travels and wish you all the best. Unless I hear that you wouldn’t mind I won’t purchase the domain (it’s completely ball in your court though).

Happy travels!

Comment by Brittany

PS. Congratulations on your wedding!! Looks like a gorgeous day!

Comment by Brittany

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