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packing and stalking
05/09/2011, 1:50 pm
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I have three good friends in the town at the moment, so there’s been a lot of this going on:

And some of this:

And a little bit of this:

Why, yes, that is cheese-flavoured Kit Kat! Gouda-flavoured, to be precise. I found it at T&T Supermarket in Vancouver, and am still undecided on whether I found it irresistible or appalling. Perhaps both.

Life is moving at a frighteningly deliciously fast pace these days. The camperization of the van has been completed (by Mark), curtains have been sewn (by me), and the painful process of packing up/getting rid of junk has begun. Because I am a pack rat of epic proportions, I can often be found agonizing over even the smallest, seemingly useless pieces of crap. We sold my much-loved Nissan Altima about a week ago, and the night before it was driven away, I sat in the front seat and had a good cry. I thought about all the road trips I took in that car, and how excited my dad was whenever he got to drive it, and how he named it “Francesca”. Oddly, I did not shed even one tear when I dropped my wedding dress off to be consigned, but if you asked me to part with incredibly ugly cardigan I wore on my first date with Mark (plain black with INSANE buttons sewn all over it, as I thought this would be a good conversation piece), I would tell you to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

There is so much more to say about our trip planning and preparation, and the fact that we start our first test run in less than a week (!!!), but I’ll write more about that over at the website Mark has set up for the trip. I’ll continue to write here about things that are interesting mainly to me (FOOD). For now, I will leave you with these stunning lyrics. I was just a young’un when I wrote this, and obviously a prodigal talent, a burgeoning wunderkind. You needn’t comment on my brilliance; believe me, I already know.


Red makes everything beautiful
And you wear CK Be
I only want to touch your hair
Those golden, silky locks
But you won’t come near me
Because I scare you

T.T., you’re my obsession
Claustrophobic, closing in
There may be 1440 hours in your day
But there’s many, many more in mine

7:30 bedtime so I can think about your face
Your hair smells so sweet, it could be candy
Your house of rock can’t keep me out
Trust me — I’ll find you



I was 12, the song was about Taylor Hanson, and the answer to your burning question is no, so far I have never had a restraining order filed against me.